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Działka budowlana z widokiem na morze
Działka budowlane z widokiem na półwysep helski
Plot No.  1 2
Parcel number: 106/5 106/5
Area: 0.1218 0.1218
Price (gross): 1.000.000 zl 1.000.000 zl
Sold: Tak Nie
The border with another plot
The border with the street
Plan osiedla
Napis Villa Belvedere
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Body type: detached house
The maximum height of residential buildings and services : 9 meters measured from the entrance of the building to the ridge (one floor above ground and attic))
Roof: gable (allowed pediments), ridge located in the axis of the building
Category slope of the main building: 30 to 45 degrees
Factor Built: 0,15 (up to 500m2 one building)
The width of the front elevation: not determined
Biologically active surface area: at least 30% within the plot
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Sienkiewicza street 9C
81-745 Gdynia